Elite Consulting, Inc.
Here at Elite Consulting, we believe in cultivating talent from the bottom up.  We do this by encouraging both creativity and innovation while focusing on our greatest asset- our team.  This organic approach helps us individually focus on each team member as well as enable team members to help develop each other, creating a self-sustaining system.  This system focuses on building each individual's potential, consequently maximizing our growth as a company.  We do not focus on short term gain, but on later developing our company into the authority in strategic customer acquisitions.

In order to facilitate this growth, we do not take the normal approach of finding candidates with experience.  We believe that our training will allow someone to be successful regardless of previous experience.  What is more important to us is finding someone that will fit into our team mindset and align with our common goals.  

As a growth-focused organization, we understand that people are our greatest asset.  This is why we focus so much on our management training program and the success of our team members.  Initially we train people on the above fundamentals, but we further train candidates for management.  We are willing to invest time to train the right individuals from the ground up.
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